School Vs College

Hey everyone,you can always think to write on such an topic as described below ,when u r not listening to lecture in you class (college) and rather half slept at one of those last benches.One can see a drastic change in his life when one moves from school to a college.I donno whether it’s that indigestible change or it’s just the first entry in any blog which made me to write this.ANY way ,there can be seen many differences in both of them.
firstly, one is very much serious in schools right before the exams,even a week before that they used to start revise ,but here in college(hostel),no one even think of studying at least for one time a day or two before,and still remain happy
secondly,who cares to concentrate in he lecture,when you know you can ask for the notes from the pretty girls and get them xeroxed,but in school we ourselves maintained our notes by two or three colorful pens and we neatly maintain them until the last day .
BUNK : we are courageous here in college enough to mass bunk the whole lecture bhale hi teacher ki aankhon ke saamne se nikalna ho ,but don’t even got a thought of doing something like this in school days.,phatati hi itni thi un dino .
speking abt me :i used to be a good student in academics when i was in school .but here ..whatever i at least i can do to study, i do ,still knowing that i can do better that that.


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