HeLl BoUnD HaRmOnY

When the day light fell on my head,
At the time i was alone ,
on my bed. I thought of the happenings commin ahead,
Which made me feel ‘WHAT THE HELL’!

I am gonna get hurt once again,
By the arrows of words thrown by them.
Its a matter of fact & not my sin, To be better than others in this bin,
i cant be a creeper like everyone else,
Which made me feel ‘WHAT THE HELL’!

I am standing at the verge of breakdown,
And everything is gonna burst with no sound.
Tell everyone out there to take a mourn,
Coz my sole is gonna end at dawn.
I am gonna change ‘ME’ to survive.
Which made me feel “WHAT THE HELL”!

JEALOUSY & AGONY spread like fire,
Which kill many souls of hope & desire.
Why am i trapped in this crazy attire,

I wanna be ‘ME’ and not like i’m hired,
I took their words and got tired,
Went on to change & blew the fire.
Which made me feel ‘WHAT THE HELL’!

I was standing with a person next to me,
Who was lookin at me with an eye of ple.
I asked him the reason for his stare,
And he said,’Be YOU,else u wont stay here’.

The point he made, i realised,
That i can be me and should’nt retire,
So i made ‘ME’ a bit more real,
With a twist of others,’unreal’
And went on my path with no fear,
Coz i am gonna stay long here.

NOW, I got to know that this isnt HELL,
Its just like heaven but with a different smell
And this made me feel WHAT A HELL!

Well,dis was the fantastic way one could describe the ” change in Me” in this hell looking but beautiful heaven. This was a great piece from a good friend of mine “MoRiEn MoSeS”.A very charming and lively girl but donno how she came of thinking a poem with a topic like this.But nevertheless ..let’s have some hope that she writes something for more here . Nice job MM

MoRien MoSes

2 thoughts on “HeLl BoUnD HaRmOnY

  1. Hye Dear,
    RIghtly said this life isn’t hell.
    Its a beautiful place to dwell.
    ANd one more thing i want to tell,
    whatever it is ALL IS WELL.

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