Friends! we have seen that 3 of our outstanding athletes have come with flying colours from Beijing olympics 2008 getting us 1 Gold and 2 Broinze and all the medals have been in the individual category .No more from hockey team which this time failed to qualify .Although it is a matter of enjoying and great moment for all of us ,but we need to look at the side of this too .Yes i am talking about the reward that are given to them after their respective wins by the respective state government. Giving such a lofty and big amount and such a designation is not good for any athletes.Moreover,there is crisis in the infrastructure for sports in many states including Haryana …but still govt.is ready to pay reward to the winner ..they can’t invest it in right time(at the time of training of athletes).If they had done that ,we could have witnessed more golds and silvers
One more point i want to put forward is that some necessary steps should be taken by the govt.(sports department) to find out the hidden talents in diffenrent parts of farflung areas of india by organizing sports camp at various level.and and after finding them they should be given proper scholarship and trainig to come up in that particular sports or game
I hope indian sports will come with some new ideas and would look something other than Cricket and hockey.which are making athletes hopeless these day and more bigger sponsors start organizing athletic and other sports tournament



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