The definition of being poor

The Facts and Figures are taken from “The Times Of India”
The sharp erosion in the value of money and the spiralling prices of essential items may have played havoc with people’s lives,making it difficult for them to maintain their living standards,but the government is stubbornly sticking to its definition of who is “poor”;
In an astounding position before the Supreme court ,it has held that one has to earn only Rs 445a month in urban areas and Rs 328 in rural areas to escape the poor tag.In the government’s scheme, the poverty linedrawn on the basis of monthly income varies widely from state to state. To classify as poor in the four metros-Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai-the person’s monthly income hasto be less than Rs 506,Rs 540, Rs 410 and Rs 475, respectively,which means,if your daily earnings cross Rs 17 in delhi, Rs 18 in mumbai, Rs 14 in kolkata, Rs 16 in chennai, you are among those fortunate not to be counted by the government as poor.
Despite using these low incomes to classify a person as poor, the government has identified a huge chunk-over 26 crore-as poor because they don’t even earn this paltry sum.



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