The Place Called Hamirpur

I didn’t even know the name of this place,when i was alloted the seat through AIEEE in this college at hamirpur.But when i came to know about that it is in himachal pradesh,then there were mixed thoughts runing in my head.For a person who has always lived in rajasthan,it was going to be a tour for the upcoming 4 four years but nevertheless it was also going to be a surrounding which i never faced in my life.But not thinking too much about ,i landed to hamirpur(called as “mirpur” by the bus conductors).This place seemed to be totally different from the way i have seen any other city or town .People here are very helpful,supportive.In small,colourful,totally cuboidal buses they play local songs and i think i have learnt to sing them in their tone (people her used to dance on them called as “Nati”).Here ,more girls and women can be seen in markets as compared to males,may be they like roaming more.
Although there are not many good or standard shops here…but the way the shops are arranged in the markets and decorated colourfully really draws in the attention.Moreover many youths can be found at the market streets of gandhi chowk to sai’s.That’s the main attraction for all of us But one thing i found bad about it is that they close the shops too early at around at 8 pm
Talking about the weather here, i can say that you really need to stay at any hill station before you die.Just because it makes you feel you are the most gifted person to see the nature’s paradise through your eyes.It’s very different to see the beautiful places on discovery’Travel & living and really seeing the view yourself..Just see the pic below which is taken from our hostel and then think about what i’ve said
About my college:I found the college architecturally very beautifully designed and maintained than any other colleges i’ve seen ever .With tall trees along the road side and temperature almost around 20-23 degrees gives you a feeling of a movie scene .And i can say after spending my 3 years here, that it’s not difficult to walk the slopes(pahaadiyan)…rather it is delightful and enjoyable.

here are some of the pics of my college and surrounding in hamirpur

a view of the insti building...ofcourse it's background too
a view of the insti building...ofcourse it's amazing background too
ahhhh.... this one is from Shivalik boys hostel somewhere in the afternoon
gandhi chowk at hamirpur
That's the colourful gandhi chowk of hamirpur

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