Defeating the Defenders

Some days Back:

Kim(taek soo)…..Yogi, Timo(boll)……chitla and sam(sonov)……tavish….really practiced a lot. Although just days before the date, sam got an injury which really terrified us just because we were totally dependent on sam without him there was no reason to move on.But he insisted on to carry on our practices.By the time through the development stages.timo learned to pick the drive, but that wasn’t sufficient.But that thing he learned was a confidence gaining stuff enough for him. The next thing we needed to handle is the regularity along with a spirit.and we did.we practiced every night from 10 to 1 almost 3 hours, although a bit tiring but which provided continuity to our game. we played everything from back hand pushes,drive ,counter to drilling exercises.We even knew that what we were doing wasn’t enough to win the tournament.But at least we kept the pace until the day of leaving for venue. finally sam came, unfolded his hands and shoulders, looking afresh ,gave us a indication that our team was quite ready to go.

timo in action
Timo in ghorrrr action

Day 1:

versus UC,kota

we were this year too determined to win every match,thereby not making any silly mistakes to overestimate any team .So we put the required pattern. By chance it happened that the team members were found to be friend of kim(kim and UCian were from same region) .so some of the game plan of UCian was known to kim . Match started ; sam played the first ,right through excellent services and placement he easily put he match in our pot.Next came Timo who wasn’t even required to do anything special other than chops,the opponent was easily giving way him the points.Fianally kim came ,but against him was his that friend from whom he had always feared.although he was able to get that match from him,but he was not confident to get it 3-0,and that happened too .kim won by 3-1.finally as a whole NIT Hamirpur won the first match.

Match against UC,Kota
Apna ustaad :Sam

Day 2:

Big Fights: versus Bits Pilani(the defending champions)

nithamians knew that this was going to happen.Their ultimate challenge was to pass through the bits people.we reached their half an hour before the match. They too arrived.we were exchanging glances,friendly gesturely,with sporting intentions.We won the toss.Meanwhile what we saw,that we got the back up in form of cheer persons from our own hamirpur squad.All was set.

First match : Sam Vs Zaabarr

As expected the match went superb with all kinds of stroke from each side.The crowd was enjoying the match, as they had never seen something like that.The best part of Zaabarr was that he had not forgot his activeness and intelligence in playing since the time mirpurians saw him playing last year.Our ustaad did played his good shot but couldn’t overcome Zaabarr.Rally after rally,drives and block, and sometimes god services from ustaad really made him sometimes outstanding in the match.But overall,Z got an edge afterall it has to be something if you have played for a state like Delhi sometimes.

Second match : Kim Vs Some final year Bitsian

kim was a bit nervous about receiving the side spin serves …but he just wanted to win that match on all cost.What he found that the opponent was not able to do any serve which is quite impossible for him to receive …so he just got all the serve just by flickin it with his confident enough backhand,and then the game seemed to be quite easy for him.Moreover ,the opponent was not able to move on with the service which were being put on his backhand by kim. so there was nothing to do. Kim easily got the match, with the tremendous support of the cheering squad.

kim :top spinning
Kim :Top spinning

Third match: Timo Vs the Unknown guy

We were quite afraid of the mistakes of timo which he quite oftenly used to make in the matches loosing out of the patience.But this time let me tell you…what he did was the best anyone could see in him.he played everything he practices a lot .Moreover,he also drove the ball many a times which really created problem for the opponent.He created room for the top spin as well as blocked his drive quite efficiently.He got his match too.And that was, i must tell you , a moment which really put the bitsian in a great pressure, beacuse they were expecting to win that third game.

Final Match : Sam Vs Some final year Bitsian

And After that it was the match we knew….was totally in a win win situation.Our sam knew what was to be done.So he didn’t waste his time and got right through his excellent shots and placement and services and clinched his match as well as the title to defend the defenders.

Obviously there were several things that we gaines from this particular match both technically and morally.Well just beacause this was that significant match that Hamirpur won in the last three years which might have earned a position for them in Table tennis for the next years tournament


4 thoughts on “Defeating the Defenders

  1. pretty nice follow up of the event……
    u should add some more of fun stuff too…especially about the blog incident..!!!!!

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