last time when i was in jaipur for a tournament(of that only game which i think i can play), a incident happened to me which proved to be kind of a coincidental accident.I think this needs to be share just because i don’t think i did anything wrong in that except one thing.

We (our proud team) needed to visit the beautiful city of jaipur after giving quite a good performance in table tennis this we stepped out in our brightened dress.We were talking to each other of here and there,of that and those matches,of her’s and his’………


A voice came from the back,a boy greeted me with a notepad and a pen in his one hand and a mobile in the other

Boy : “Sir,Are you going on an outing or somewhere??”

Me: “yes we are!! Is there any thing ….??”

Boy: Actually sir, I have been ask from the reporting desk to take your views and comments on this sports tournament that we are organizing…how you feel it?? …your own achievement in this tournament as well as earlier records…and about the insti…?? In other terms you may call it a kind of a blog that will be printed in our daily publication (exclusively for this tournament)

Me: “From Me??” Aisa kya dikh gaya yaar tumko mujh mein ??

That moment i was thinking that there were many better players than me in that tournament but why only me ?? i must have really played well that day !!

U can see how hardly i was thinking :)
U can see how hardly i was thinking 🙂

Actually there were many supporters from NIT jaipur the day we won against BITS and may be there is something between them…that they were eager to see our opponent to loose and that is why they were supporting us.And the student organizer( a good t.t. player) and the boy(t.t. aspirant),both were there witnessing our match and Maybe that’s the reason they opted for MY name.

But whatever that was ….I was  happy, that they thought of me as something.One of the good moments of my life

And u know ,At that time….i mean at such times you even forget your achievement because it was so flabbergasting that i didn’t even remember how many tournament i had played.

I was asking “Timo” to support me in writing that.He was looking quite happy for me

You know the boy even asked me for a photo .He was preparing to take a pic from his mobile camera.I called timo to stand with me.

“Only you in the photo, Sir!!” the boy said.

Actually the boy was looking to be a kind of a fan of mine.

I said “okay!”

then i wrote him a page full of my thoughts and view about the thing he wished me to write.

The boy was strolling along with us now up to the desk.Then only we got to know about him that he was from jallandhar and is in his first year.And…………. we were in our third year(Me and chitla).That means we could ask him about anything that we wanted to know,just because of the fact that the firsties are so made up in their first year that they can’t question the seniors …untill and unless something really big happens.

So I asked him about the girl ,in that old library hall(where t.t. matches were being held),who was looking like an angel to me .I could see her cheering for me when i was playing my final set of my match .The girl sat right beside the boy.So I asked him about that girl.

I told him that the girl was looking “faadu”

but the boy seemed to be unable to recognize her.I told him “the one in the blue t shirt and black shorts (which according to me were really short for her nice le………. 🙂

I even told him that if he wasn’t able to recognize her ,then i had her video too.

I was giving him many hints about her ,but suddenly he spoke

“Ya, SHE IS MY SISTER” He said…………………and then a long pause of 15-20 secs stretched its legs between that interesting talk of mine.

In my mind : (oh! what the F??who am i asking ,man …her brother, who had wider muscles than that of my and chitla’s too ………………                                                            ……… arre chitle kuch to bol….saale chup kyun hai..??)

Is that your real sister?? I again asked because i think you have lesser feeling for the one you have made someone as your sister (just because you think you aren’t able to propose her but still want to remain quite close to her…just like the CCs in our colleges …aise ni to waise )

and he said “Yes”. I was dumbstruck.

by the time it happened that a water tank came in our way and we (the boy and me ) were parted for a second which was not sufficient for me to revive. I could see timo(chitla ) putting his cellphone closer to his ears and gaining speed suddenly.and From the slightest moment of his side face i could see him giggling ..i don’t know at what,… at the situation i was into or at me ??

but to regain my confidence and my reputation once again opened my gob….trying to settle the moment peacefully and said” nahin matlab khelti to hai hi achcha aur Waise bhi Achhci hai!! (This was that one thing that i did wrong)

i donno god what happened to me this time ..but it just came out of my “F” mouth(may be i was going to have that kind of F mouth if that reporting Desk didn’t have come in time ).Thank god for your timing in that certain case.Although I am a atheist but still thank you .

He was gone. The tension cultivated by me was gone.I don’t care about the blog -whether it got printed or not,but i came out of that thing was quite relaxing for me.

I was watching chitla laughing irresistibly at me ..ya surely this time he was laughing at ME.


6 thoughts on “Co(acci)inci-dent

  1. well interloper ,a tough outing for the beaver.what can be said except that i wished i had been there and seen u sotto-vocing praise for “the angel” and floundering,along with watching chitla tittering at you!!!.The sinister experience might well caution u to be careful while expresssing urself in vivacious company.The poor firsty must have got her sis. good gaiters now!!!

  2. what an ordeal!!! Bravo… Ur sojourn to jpr seems really Honourable. I wish I would have come to meet you. Aage se dhyan rakhna ki koi bhi ladki pasand aaye to kisi se puchna mat… So finaly u got ur “angel”… congrats

  3. hey dude if u really found her beautiful…then go find her and express ur feelings…writing a blog will not help ,but will add more of ur frustration.
    go FIND HER

  4. The adventure (or accident, as u say it) wud hav been more interesting…if the “reporting desk” hadn’t come that early!!

    and yeah..i agree with the Moral above..!

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