Yes i think i m loosing……….loosing everything.Everything that was beholden by me sometime .I am loosing the ability to take decision.Just because i don’t want to take them

I am loosing the spirit to live ,i don’t know why but i m loosing it ,i don’t want to loose this at this silly age of 20 ..when i am supposed to be alive (true alive). I am unable to enjoy…gave it a hard try many a times but found that i am unable to feel the pulse, i don’t find anyone,anything interesting

I don’t know why i can’t withstand this sick society or may be it is me who is sick..sick of tiring thoughts ,frustration,sick of competing and even thinking of that why we all are competing..just for money??

May be i want to die ….yes of course i want to die if don’t get out of this getting older-ness feeling.May be that’s what older people think at their departure.

I m sure i don’t believe in god …..but god please HELP ME


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