ThE HoUr ThaT wiLl SaVe ThE EaRtH !!

On 27 march 2010, from 08:30 pm to 09:30 pm the dwellers of this dwindling Earth took part collectively  in an event which i think is to be considered as the biggest of them ever happened in life of human race .For the first time people of different race, colour, creed ,thinking ,policy,nations,caste , living status came together for a single reason : to save their mother Earth.

Well it’s not just a single hour of a single day in a year on  which we have to switch off our lights but rather IT is a inspiration .for the people who can learn to come forward and join hands in hands for a noble cause,for the nations to think of the  growth of humanity as a whole.

I hope  that “Humans this time will not go wrong “. “They would like to make it for the sake of humanity.

I want to see a day in near future which will really be celebrated as “THE EARTH DAY” llike the normal christmas day  or diwali as we have.It would really be a great day for me as a human.

below are the picture from the “2010 earth hour ” an event organized by WWF for nature.

and the official site :


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