GeT DrUnK …4GeT FeAr

Its like, I have tested many a times on myself and seen others too, that if you have put 2 bottles of beer inside your belly……you feel like a superman, He-man , batman sometimes and even spiderman if you could make it to 5.

Getting drunk according to me is someother way of living the same old boring life which is otherwise  inhabited by some degree of fear in almost every walk of our life. Hanging high lets you forget that particular fear out of your free mind. Which means you can do any act ….freely….. bringing out of you a new lion.You can ask your favourite girl…doesn’t matter you have always got a negative in there , cause you are so shy !!!!  You can take stand and speak on any topic which you only think you know the spelling of  despite having several dumbstrucks in group discussions.

And let me tell you if you think you are really a bad dancer and everyone will laugh at you when you come to the dance floor, That feeling can be made to lost if you want it …how’s that ….the same answer.

one of the most positive side of it is that it allows you to think freely, logically and reasonably which could otherwise  is not possible because of society fear,community thinking and complex  thinking of today’s highly advanced generation

Getting drunk gives you a very good opportunity to try yourself out, to measure yourself. It lets you see your inside. What you really are and what you really can .

Note:I personally don’t recommend you to start drinking but i advise you to try this at least once . May be you get a better ingsight  to your life.


3 thoughts on “GeT DrUnK …4GeT FeAr

  1. There’s a supportive argument to this-many of the greatest thinkers,philosophers and visionaries of the past have been regular drinkers.And there’s also a logical explanation to this-our brain is constantly engaged in controlling our sense organs,nervous system that is constantly responding to the hormones sprouting fear,love,pain, anxiety and similar feelings.So when a person is drunk,his nervous system is so relaxed providing him an immunity over these hormones and constant sensor messages flowing from the brain.Eventually it leads to a relaxed and a calm brain that is free from all the fears and prejudices. Such a state is anonymous to a meditative state attained by yogi.Concentration is at peak and focus is at its best once the guy throws his attention to one subject.Enough of blah blah blah….:-)….
    I just want to say – see for yourself 😉 .TRY IT ONCE(for those who haven’t tried even once ).

    • thanks arun ..for adding the right flavour to what actually i was trying to right……..may be people will now surely try this at home 🙂

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