BHolE!!..JaI MaHaDeV!!!

Bhole ke naam mein hi shakti hai …..i realized it when i daringly  went in to a cave almost dark, about 3o meters long getting narrower and narrower emerging into a place jahan  Mahadev BHOLE virajmaan the and that too all alone…. Yes all alone . Interesting thing is that the whole cave was actually home to almost hundreds of  thousands of bats, and i swear to you, i have never been so close to any of them in my whole life . Sorry i could not bring the pics of that, but i will certainly do that endeavour again to get the best of their pic.

The place  known as Pahadajhar is  near to rawatbhata..jahan yogi baba(me) bhi prakat hote hai kabhi kabhi .Along with the mahadev mandir  pahadajhar has one of the best waterfall, i think , in rajasthan.May be the next best two are also in rawatbhata ..[:)].The waterfall is formed due to the rain water coming from all direction and forming a narrow stream before falling from a huge height of around 60 m.

The thing i wanted to tell you here was that earlier i used to be an atheist ..and still i am ….but  i m ready to loose that idea after experiencing the power within  which was  given to me by bhole just by reciting his name only to face those in-numerous bats ….so ugly in face all looking at me hanging upside down. I could fearlessly walk that cave without any hesitation.

lagta hai bhole ka bulaawa aaya tha us din ….

JAI BHOLE !!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “BHolE!!..JaI MaHaDeV!!!

  1. Hah nice experience…I could feel a chill running down my spine….I have been listening to voices (“Bhole is there”)coming from unfamiliar faces(from a hippie in mclo…and a self proclaimed atheist named yogesh chauhan).Unfamiliar in the sense that these two set of people -generally don’t acknowledge the presence of the almighty.”Bhole is there”-well this sentence embarks something we call as spiritual journey- every living being experiencing the same but on a different level of consciousness.I am happy to know that now you have started to get an insight of the complex and subtle phenomenon called Lord Shiva.Welcome to the new world!

  2. Your brain plays. The way you want it to.

    Itna senti hone ki baat nahi hai ..

    Belief is a hypothetical concept.

    Main to kab se bol raha hoon .. lets make Pris Hilton our God.

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