ZeN-ism InSpiReS…

Here are few of the quotes from some of those who has surely found(in my sense) hidden meaning of life and truth.These are basically the Zen- Practitioners.Zen is actually nothing but a method of knowing oneself.There are lots of stories related to Zen on the internet, I bet you will surely and really get many things for you out there.

1.There are in Zen no sacred books of dogmatic tenets. If I am asked, therefore, what Zen teaches, I would answer Zen teaches nothing. Whatever teachings there are in Zen, they come out of one’s mind. We teach ourselves; Zen merely points the way.   – D.T. Suzuki

2.In a certain sense, Zen is feeling life instead of feeling something about life.  Alan Watts

3.Give up yourself to others. Give up yourself to life. Give up struggling to make sense of it all. Simply, give up. – T’ao-shan

4.Believe those who are seeking truth. Doubt those who find it. – André Gide

5.All religions pass, but this will remain: simply sitting in a chair and looking in the distance. – V.V. Razanov

6.Our eyes were originally right, but went wrong because of teachers. – Zen Proverb

Zen Meditation


7.“Enlightenment” and “Nirvana”? They are dead trees to fasten a donkey to. The scriptures? They are bits of paper to wipe mud from your face. The four merits and ten steps? They are ghosts in their graves. What can these things have to do with you becoming free? Te-shan

8.It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning.- – P.D. Ouspensky

9.You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow. – Janis Joplin

These and more of these is what i think a person in this entangling life needs to know but not by learning it from someone, nor by reading it from somewhere and not even  by going in SATSANGS.

But I m sure before u start going on your own self-knowing, u would like to know about the Zen ….So go beta………….. Gooooooogle it !!


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