An all time  biggest question for me and i think for everyone else also.Not, how does it work?A complication in itself.But why ? why we are here ? Absolutely and frankly speaking i am greatly confused when i think about this. But after a long discussion with my friends i always come to conclusion that it’s answer cannot be found rather we need to accept it. It’s like this only and we are just required to move on and need not to apply our gifted mind here .

We, as a human, are not someone different ,but a sub part of the mighty nature ,have to accept the fact that we are not mightier than anything else. It’s always when i am high this thing always pin point me. I feel i know nothing, if i don’t know my reason to be here.But suppose if i explore it some day how …………then wouldn’t I be a God? ….and that’s what god left for himself (if he exist).


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