A LosS

10 year old, Raju loved it so much to play cricket at the beach. He didn’t need 11 players but his best friend was always with him. So charming and cute that he was the apple of everyone’s eye. Everyone found pleasure in talking to him while he kept smiling in between his words. So lovable and naive that even we couldn’t resist ourselves talking to him. He had the beautiful magic of amicably making the friend.His aura and purity of the joy he took in every activity defined him.He was beloved to all.

But quite more beloved to god.He couldn’t see  the innocent playing with his mother. The greedy god wasn’t happy watching them everyday. So God really played jealously this time and the cruel sent the ferocious and deadly  Tsunami and  abducted  him for ever.

The innocent darling was lost. Tears didn’t stop a moment. Not only in his mother’s heart but even in ours the pain could be seen.For his mother the hope for being happy was lost. For her, anymore expectation from life  was lost.Everything was lost.


God should better know a mother love

God might be quite happy now.

P.S: In remembrance of all those who lost their lives in Tsunami on 26 Dec,2004

Rest in peace


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