>>Us and TheM, AfterAll, ArE IrReleVanT<<

The following excerpt(as it is ) has been taken from a book   “The case of God”- Karen Armstrong (without her permission :)) which really tried to move my mind significantly.

I am  quite happy with the changed notion now but quite disturbed over the fact that i am helpless 😦

Once there was a monk who was a philosopher manque who instead of on with his Yoga, constantly pestered the Buddha about the metaphysical questions : Was there a god? Had the world been created in time or had it always existed?

To which he got the answer like this :

The Buddha told him that he was like a man who had been shot with a poisoned arrow and refused medical treatment until he had discovered the name of his assailant and what village he came from. He would die before he got this perfectly useless information. What difference would it make to discover that a  god had created the world. These issues are fascinating but at the same time they are irrelevant.


One thought on “>>Us and TheM, AfterAll, ArE IrReleVanT<<

  1. actually acc to my knowledge and the info i got from elders is that there must be some one who must have created this and he is no one but GOD

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