Sunday were never Fun days

From the child hood I have always felt that Sundays are one the most boring days. I can cite many reasons for that . Few of them i believe can be your reason  too . I invite you to put forward your frustration also if you have any, I can totally understand !!

1. If there was only day we could not see our “Dear school friends”, whom we had lots of fun with, it was this cruel Sunday

2. I still remember all the Disney Hour, Small Wonder(my all time favorite) series and Three stooges used to come on weekdays, but on Sundays – Epic long Mahabharatha, Ramanand sagar’s  new mythological series after series were a true disastrous to any kid’s intellectual.

3.Although i am a guy who never likes to go on a picnic but for every Sunday ,i used to expect from my parents to have some surprises for us. Okay you can include picnic in that. But to my dismay every other time it happened that my father had always have to go to his workplace.

4. Now when i went to college we used to have Saturdays as holidays. But this didn’t change anything. After a Beer Bash party on Saturday night, it always used to take us 3 or 4 o’clock on Sundays afternoon just to wake up and figure out if we still remember the place and the surrounding  we’ve been living in till last night. it takes almost fours-five hours to recover and to get to know that we have loads of assignment and deliverable for the Fucking Monday’s morning classes.

5. Now when i was gaining some life experience(Please always remember : Berojgaar ko work exp. ho na ho…. life experience jaroor hota hai ) after my college, it didn’t matter for people like us whether its Sunday or Monday, because we always have nothing to do. Thanks to God !! that you added some more Sundays like boring Days to our already pathetic life.

6. Now Being in a premier B-school ( I assume they consider it as the ones ABC :P) They don’t F’ing care about Sundays!!!. How could you do that?? Have I waited almost for whole of my life just to see this more Worsened pathetic condition of Sundays? If  by any ways we get holiday on Monday they will shift its classes for the spare Sunday. Holy cow !! Guys we need to bring in Labour Laws here too. Moreover we are not even being paid. This is cruelty to innocent students like us .

Anna where are you ..We also need your help!!!!


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