StoP SwiMMinG

The other day someone asked me the purpose of life, context being that we were asked to write the statement of purpose for our summer placements through IIM L. I donno how much did i think towards writing SOP at that very particular moment, but as usual i again devoted my whole night pondering over that unanswered and irritating question.The analogy which grabbed my mind was that of me swimming  in a huge ocean in the middle of nowhere, not getting anywhere, founding no one in sight, lost, tired but fighting hard to survive till death,standing the high waves in the ocean of turmoil. The only question comes in mind: ” How long… how long do i need to continue kicking my hand and legs … until death?? Because i m sure no one is there to help us, everybody is busy in getting him out of this endless horizon … to go no where , so it doesn’t matter to anyone including those whom do you think are there for you … they are just false let you forget the grave situation you are in. This is your punishment , don’t consider it that you are fortunate enough to see the beautiful earth

Since you can’t get out of it. Stop Swimming !! It may sound unpleasant but its better than the worst you are facing.

A Race in which there is no winner

Note: it’s just the thought that ran through my mind. I personally don’t advice anyone to follow the post.


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