Leisure Trip to Delhi

After deciding a day before and having talked with the sports secy of FMS, we were all excited and looking happy to go to delhi. Why because Rachit was getting the chance to meet his gf Geetu, Saini was carrying some hope to meet Saumya, his new FB chatting friend. Kritarth Desai, for the same  reason he came to lucknow(now he was going to delhi for taking the real GD classes).And me, I donno why i was going. May be to see DU girls again. 😛

Rachit leaving the 3Kc Office

So we packed our bags , took panditji’s auto service and boarded the UP Roadways Volvo for delhi  from Alambagh Bus stand. We never had any idea of how interesting that bus ride could be. One of the co-passengers was loudly telling the fellow passengers  about how the Bus staff and the aid stole his laptop the last time he was travelling in the Volvo bus of same kind. Although his intentions seemed to be good but he was loud enough to be heard by the Conductors and other staff. His serious but amusing non sense was making the day of every passenger. He was unknowingly funny.

So we reached Delhi. After so many phone calls to the organizer , finally we found the hotel where our rooms were booked ” The Express 66″ . I Don’t how someone can come up with such a name for any hotel. A Full length bus was arranged for us just to take us to the tournament venue. We never felt so honoured !! .But to our fate that happened to be a “Khatara Bus”

THe khatara bus that was arranged for us

The khatara bus took us to the venue “The Common wealth games stadium in the university”. Yes, that was the venue for our Table Tennis tournament All were happy to enter the stadium entrance. but soon that joy keep coming down to the ground level as we saw the real venue inside where actually the matches were supposed to take place. Although not meeting the expectations, but was good enough for us as we never saw such a good flooring and lighting.

That’s me , Rachit and Saini doing a “Ring”

We had our First match with IMT Ghaziabad. I was looking for the player “Veera” who came to our sports tournament at IIM Lucknow.He was the one i was thinking could create a problem in winning our first match and send us back to Lucknow . But to our fortunate , he didn’t come for the tounament. So we easily won the match. Found no hurdle in making that a 3-0 Win.

Here are some of the shots

Saini…. playing his epic back hand shot!!
Saini.. after the shot went wrong!!
Yeah … I know .. U can’t see me !!

and that was the end of the day we got tired of playing too much of T.T. so we decided to give some tips to our fellow team mates who were ready for the cricket match against MDI Gurgaon ,there in the Ramjas Cricket Ground.

Our Cricket team really needed it from Neeraj saini

The “anokha Cut “




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