Hike in petrol prices!

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mmmm…. (clearing throat)…well this was not exactly what happened to me today, but something more,critical, life taking dreadful thing bloew me this morning.There was NO WATER running in the tap this morning which was continuously fuelling another Hiroshima inside my stomach.Waited for almost 1 hour. I was never so silent in the past 1 year!!

But when i went back again to check the taps,i found it was one of the best moment of relief I ‘ve ever had. The taps were flowing again.While sitting on my toilet seat i was thinking of the situation what would happen when we actually run out of water on earth. How will we manage all this shit then. Where will we drink water from. How are we going to wash our clothes and underwear. and do the other necessary things.

Well, still we have options or we can still wait for technology to develop in order to use sea wateror some other sources but for the energy options …… the  only and well developed resources we have is petroleum and that too is depleting at rate i don’t think most of us don’t care as far as it is available and we are able to drive our cars.

According to me an increase in Petrol prices by ministry today should not surprise the citizens too much. I believe its the people who don’t want to see the consequences their resistant to the price hike will bring to them. It’s not the way every time government increase the prices , we just go on show our hatredness and dislikes on facebook, rather we should start or take a step to initiate a movement to inspire people to help decreasing our dependency on oil and petrol products. The Price is rising because our demand is rising,our dependency on it is rising. A steep cut in the usage will smash down all the cartels to earth and make the petrol a mere another commodity.It’s that time we put maximum use of our science to simplify and finding new ways to make other renewable sources  usable for us.


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