A Morning

Dj - Sesto Sento (2)
Dj – Sesto Sento (2) (Photo credit: Beto Vilela)

Over the last few days i have been trying to get myself into a habit of running daily in the morning before the sun actually rise. And not to my amazement, I have been doing it pretty good.But  today, the fifth day it was an another day. A misty morning with breezing drizzle. The perfect day to Run. I loaded few Techno songs most of which were Astral Projection, Sesto Sento in my phone ( I got no ipod 😦 ). I believe they make a perfect running songs. But While i was running and have been tired a bit i was remembering the quote from Dean karnazes (A Badwater Ultramarthon Runner in death valley)

“All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and you are doing it.”

So much inspiring were the above lines for me that i did the impossible a possible today. Earlier, i used to stop where i think my body can’t support running anymore. Now but with a headphones over my ears and the right music playing at the moment i ran the race “needed in my life”. A long lost passion inside me today came out looking from a distance up in the sky and smiling that i could sense it again. I could see it.

So when i was heading back to my room in my hostel i don’t know why but my legs pulled me to the top of the building at the terrace. May be they just wanted me to show me something more. And there i was standing at the top  just under the dripping clouds, a cool swift wind blowing past my hairs. I found out i was smiling for no reason. I saw the water tank which was rising up and reaching even higher.I Pulled up my sleeves , tightened up my shoes laces and starting climbing up the wall. A few jumps over the walls and then there i  was standing at the top of it.

When I saw around I felt i need to sit there atleast for one or more hour. The kind of scenery i was looking at was the one i cherished  for quite a sometime. The heavy clouds all over the horizon  encircling the huge surrounding covered by green Trees freshened by the morning rains was the perfect scene i was looking at. And above all the post rock music from the band sleepmakeswaves was embracing the whole mentally me. It was the moment that was buried deep inside me and it has come to me after such a long time .All I could feel I was really living the me I ever wanted to be. I wish mornings of this type should come again and again which keep pushing me to realize the inner me

Misty rain in the morning

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