Music, Running and Happiness

I am happy these days. Enjoying every moment. If i Put it better, i am able to see the beauty in everything i see and feel. And this is not because i am doing great at my studies, or made a girl friend but because i found a few different things altogether.

It was when i went to Goa last year to attend the Famous Music Festival “Sunburn” held annually just before the New year eve that i learned that there is some thing deeper about music. May be that’s why lots of people aren’t there simply for fun and party. Some of them, mostly foreigners i guess were there to be lost in the trust they had in the music of trance. We could see them dancing the whole day and night and that too alone. Looked like they were in parallel universe. I was first introduced to this particular genre of music there only. I got fascinated by it almost suddenly. May be because i was seeing others dancing madly to it or because i was really feeling it. Whatever  is the reason but when i went back to my place i searched a whole lot of info and downloaded a plethora of Electro, Trance, and house songs. Now if someone ask me what songs do I have in my mp3 player, they are disappointed to see a whole list of Psychedelic and  Electro stuff. But to me, this particular genre has taken me to a different level ,it has ignited a spot in my mind where i feel so much energetic, Enthusiastic, and strong within. If not saying too much , at least it lets me Break Free.

@ Curlie’s , Anjuna Beach, Goa

Another thing which is subsequent to my listening of music is that i have brought up a healthy habit of running. Running is one such thing which is giving me ultimate pleasure these days.The moment when you are tired after running 5-6 miles and you are thinking nothing but just putting one step after another is the same feeling, i guess, comes when we meditate and are in a deep corner of the Dhyan. Running is not actually a thing to be practice daily, it’s more of a thing to be felt. As Helen Keller said” The Best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” The experience of bliss while running is one of them.

I feel i am addicted to it now . The Music and the Running. 

and when one does something which makes one happy, one does not necessarily sit to dissect the source of happiness. There is no need. I feel great every time i finish a run and that is reason enough to go out again the next day and the next. Same is with the kind of music i am listening these days.

courtesy Nikhil shanker

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