Who’s this Guy??

Through this blog i am just trying to find the various aspects of things i can ponder upon.May be i just felt writing a blog because i wanted to know if i had a potential to write or not as i see others . But sooner or later as i kept on writing i found in myself the ability to see the things with a different perspective. I initially thought  of writing travelogues but gradually and thankfully while doing that i was drawn more towards understanding the philosophical part inside me while trying to write about some thing.

As a person  i am  sometimes frusty, many a times funny & enjoyable kind of guy who loves to travel and click photos. But at the same time i think i am an  all time confused Guy who is yet to figure everything happening to him.

Does it make sense !!

Welcome to my blog 🙂




12 thoughts on “Who’s this Guy??

  1. you had written that u have been programmed by urs father..
    really interesting.Hope u will be free by one and half year and then life is urs..

    u had done this under the wish of urs father,he (father) must had thought the right for ur future,after all he is the one who want every thing excellent for u..

    but beware, don’t put ursself down at this point,otherwise situations will become worse as this is INDIA….

  2. gr88888888888888888888888
    absolutely stunnig. im proud 2 hv u as ma frnd
    seriously heights of creativty and innovation
    cool work done by “MM” also. though i dont know her.congo
    probably what i feel is dat can b improved my adding more nd more blogs on the current scenario of our country and role of youth, way our youth is headin etc etc
    otherwise a gr8888888888 WORK
    ur father must be a software engineer who created such an INTELLIGENT nd CREATIVE nd DIFFERENT “ROBOT”
    please continue this with the same ardour
    nd keep on adding more nd mre feathers 2 ur cap
    May GOD bless you

  3. dude …at least u can change ur profile ….since ur btech is over…ur everchanging fundas have no boundings…so njoy the freedom
    & look beyond destiny….there is still a whle lot of planet to explore…

    • Hi, ghummakkad.. i have seen your blog around hundreds of times..yours is an awesome writing style. I guess, it was one of those blogs which actually appealed me “also” to write something about my travel experiences. Although i still find it hard to write in an easy way.. but anyways i developed my new interest of photogtraphy.
      Would like you to have a look 🙂

      • Thanks Yogesh. I appreciate your kind words and I am glad you like the way I write. I am also happy that you are developing an interest in photography…its my passion! I saw your blog…some of the shots are amazing…have ‘liked’ the ones I chose.

      • Hi Yogesh, I just saw that you are following my other blog…’Happenings and Events of RT50’…Please unfollow as that blog is about a few friends who work for a social cause. Ghummakkad is where your interest is!

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