Experienced Vs Entrepreneur

Though the title of the post should have been Experienced vs Fresher as is mostly seen by the people but i am sure i am gonna do the justice by calling fresher as the entrepreneur and sufficiently prove how is it exactly opposite and so befitting the inexperienced person.

So most of us have faced a situation in our life when we were juvenile and had lots of energy to do so much in our life. Me, you, our dad, their dad and all the upcoming  generation has or will be going through this phase.That is a very particular age somewhere around when you between 18- 26 years and build upon so many ideas and execution plan at that time. I  remember my days when i was sitting at Tilak ka dhaba at the second gate of our college along with some close friends where we came up with some idea over few cups of Tea. I still remember there was nothing wrong with the idea except one thing which was said to be impossible based upon someone’s dad’s  previous bad experience in executing it . So what happened next,  we immediately shut the door!

Second is the case, where my father was advising me upon what career direction i should head to.  and that’s quite normal in India. Infact more than being a common household spoon feeding. Thy want to see the kid going in a direction demanded by their values, demanded by the society around them, demanded by the reputation it would bring, and demanded by god knows what they call it “The experience”. I must say if it is for things other than experience, you can actually come to a negotiation with them at a mid way point, after all they have would have some impact on them depending on what you choose since we still live in India society which is closely knit. What i would protest is the enforcing up of their Experience on us. Time has changed, Environment has changed, parameters of success have changed, A lot has changed! Sorry Dad! you are and will be my hero ! forever for sure , but You need to trust you own kid , trust in his potential, trust in his Idea, Trust in his capabilities, afterall don’t you want to be seen  yourself as standing proud. Trust and belief is all I would like to seek from you, If it is about life I would like to have my own experience my own decisions, so that  like you,   I also come to know that a life hard won is “The Life”.

ImageOn the other side, when not talking about the word “experience” we have a young person full of thoughts, imagination, ready to shake the world, immense enthusiasm,Full of desires but with only one thing lagging … A little dare to take the little step to make it big. All our energy comes to a big full stop at that silly point. And that point is again marked by the experience of so many people who failed to go past the Race line overcoming the fear within themselves. Few of the reason could be that they were low on self confidence, or insufficient knowledge, or whatever may it be, they finally decided to chose the easier way and named the phenomenon as the Experience which said that things usually don’t happen so easily as you think so. We agree, Things usually do not happen the way we think it should be and that’s where we need to be creative, we need to be problem solver, a troubleshooter to make things work, to realize the alternative options we once thought of , to implement our ideas, to finally see our dream come true.

Though it takes a moment to sit after getting failed and calling it an experience for the remaining life when you can actually stand up again and find an alternative way to move forward and develop toward your ambition past the fear of failure, because in that case again you know there would be another hidden way out. That is what i would like to call a life which goes on and you ride on it being an Entrepreneur of your dreams .

A fresher is a guy who doesn’t know what doesn’t work. He has plans which he hasn’t tried implementing. if he goes with it and fails in it he would probably seem to have gain an experience . Now it depends upon him if he wants to sit back and calling it an experience that nothing can actually work, or the other way where he rises again and appropriately put effort to find if there is a shining light at any of the corner of the deep cave.He might be called foolish to even go try and waste so much of energy but again these word would come from those who dont want to achieve any big from their life or are satisfied with what they have.

All i would say is that you’ve got to Experience the Entrepreneur in you ! it can make you what you always though of your life !


Tips For Writers

Came across this fabulous piece of blog where the author tells us so many reasons to write , and so on to express our self

The Belle Jar

Write because you have something to say.

Write because you’ve always wanted to.

Write because you only just realized that you might die next week, or tomorrow, or five minutes from now, and you want to leave something behind for posterity.

Write because you have a secret fire burning inside of you and the only way that you can fan the flames is by sharing your thoughts with someone else.

Write because you’re bored and don’t have anything better to do.

Write for yourself.

Write for other someone else, or maybe everyone else.

Write because you love seeing your stats counter surge every time you post something. Write because nothing satisfies you quite so much as seeing others share what you’ve written. Write because you like the attention; there’s nothing wrong with liking the attention.

Write because it fills the emptiness in your heart or your soul or your pancreas…

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Lord Huron, Irani Chai and Hyderabad

There has been so much happening in my life lately, and i am just acting as a stupid lazy ass not to write it down timely. And thus  getting them out of memory as they are passing away with time.

So this was just one day .. i was  thinking to jot  it down immediately when i get some new , all together different feeling, or amazing  kind of experience.

When i came to Hyderabad from lucknow, all i was thinking was about the special Biryani which i knew differs from the already tasted lucknow’s wahid biryani , of which i had been a fan of for the last two years. Even the waiter at wahid knew , what would i take , whenever i reach there and sat down on the second table on the left. But, No !! it’s not about the biryani i am going to talk .  I have already devoted a special space for it in my earlier blog. This particular affection is for three things i am going crazy about theses days which are trying to grab my mind out of everything which can try to pull me up . Okay, you guessed it right from the Title of this post. But let me explain how that can amaze  you too !!

English: Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
English: Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Huron: Of Lately, one of the finest band from U.S. that i have listen to . When i listen to them , i can shamelessly say that i don’t understand the accent in which way they sing but i can surely feel the vibes. The jingling , the musical note, the freshness in vocals  all make you so happy and energizing  that you could actually be dancing to their tunes. Below is one of their song from album lonesome dreams. I am sure you will get it what i’ve been feeling all these days thorugh listening them.

Irani Chai : An INR 10 delight in any neighbourhood restaurant in Hyderabad. So perfectly cooked, perfectly added sugar, an apt amount of milk in it and some special ingredients which i have been trying to still figure out in my own way by asking the tea  maker at these restaurants. All i know is that i have got addicted to it right from the first day i have it when i landed in secunderabad early in the morning and had a sip of it with osmania Biscuit. My friend, recommends me to go to Nimrah cafe  at charminar which he says serves the best Irani Chai in the old city. I am just waiting for the time to let me go there once . I am dying to take a sip of it!

Irani Chai
Irani Chai


and finally Hyderabad : Hyderabad is some place which i suppose can take the place of Lucknow if i get a chance to solo travel it. It’s a city bustling with all the ingredient i ever liked. A perfect blend of food, places to go around, and highly rich culture. A thing which is highly turning me on is the use of Hindi language by the Hyderabadi People. Everytime i hear a Hyderabadi person speaking Hindi, i just learn that he should be innocent. A distorted grammar in own peculiar way is something creates an amazing thing to listen to.


I was watching a documentary “India Untouched(2007, Directed by Stalin K.)” some days back which was about how untouchability is still prevalent in the Indian society even almost after 60 years of independence.The video is a collection of the responses of the so called higher class, the lower class ,the villagers, priests, the educated and the illiterate, the women, the kids, the primary school teachers and so on. It spanned out whole of the India and thereby disproving the fact that the ill practice is done in only some parts of the country.

Some Benarasi Priest still holds the view that the Shudras can’t have the right to be equal to upper classes for which he gave the analogy that the foot can never be considered as important as the brain

Dalits ,being afraid of beaten up , don’t raise their voices or even take the help of constitution , and so ask their children to be distant from the temple

A primary school teacher in a village ask the Ravidasiyas( dalits) students to sit at the end of the class room( away from the Rawats ) and not to disturb the class(ask doubt) while he is teaching.

This may be understood from the very idea that these people are ignorant of the realities and have been fooled by the religious leaders and priests for the ages. But what is disturbing is tha fact that even the educated holds the similar views about untouchability

When asked a Educated girl ” Do you practice untouchability??” She suddenly said “NO”

But when she was asked “Would you marry a boy from a caste which is lower than yours or may be the one who is a Dalit ” She was standing quite.Unrepsonsive.

It felt so disturbing to me that the our education system has never included any course which could tell the fundamental and logical evolution of society and thus has been proving a failure in breaking the walls of discrimination we people have been practicing since the times almost all of us were illiterate.There should have been a change in our ill practices with the amount of progress we are making in other fields of technology, laws, health, growth of the country.I know only education can provide the solution but this has to be done

Do Raahein

Do rahein
yahan ya wahaan
pareshaan hoon aaj
jaun kahan??

afsos ka darr
khaaye baitha hai dimag ko
uljhano mein bandha hua yahi sochta
ki bachpan mein aisa kyun nahni hota

shaayad tab
cheejon ka utna mahatv nahin tha
parvah nahin thi
tab hum apne aap mein mast the
daudne aur gol ghoomne ka mann tha

par aaj parvah hai
aur kyun hai ??
kyunki umeed ka jo pahad hai
uspar apne aap ko
hamesha chadhte dekhna hai

darr hai ki “yahaan” gaya
to kuch achcha na hua to
aur “wahaan” gaya to shaayad
Kya pata “yahaan” mein
kuch aur achcha chhipa ho

bahut socha to laga
ki kya fark padta hai
kyunki kismat hi hai
jo sab kuch tay karti hai
ki aagey kya hoga

isilye ab socha hai
ki jeb mein pade
ek rupay ka sikka
shaayd mujhe meri taqdir
jyaada aasani se dikha sakta hai


Haar nahin manni hai aaj mujhe

Kadakti dhoop,Haanfti saasein
lambi doori,
haar nahin maanni hai
…aaj mujhe

kabhi paaya kabhi khoya
par jeevan bhar jo seekha maine
uske bal par hi saabit kar dikhana hai
…aaj mujhe

ummeed aur sapne
jo dekhe maine
unhe hakikat banane ke liye
aakhri daud lagani hai

Taaki mile ya na mile
jeetu ya na jeetu
par mauka nahin mila
iska afsos na rahe
…kal mujhe

Leisure Trip to Delhi

After deciding a day before and having talked with the sports secy of FMS, we were all excited and looking happy to go to delhi. Why because Rachit was getting the chance to meet his gf Geetu, Saini was carrying some hope to meet Saumya, his new FB chatting friend. Kritarth Desai, for the same  reason he came to lucknow(now he was going to delhi for taking the real GD classes).And me, I donno why i was going. May be to see DU girls again. 😛

Rachit leaving the 3Kc Office

So we packed our bags , took panditji’s auto service and boarded the UP Roadways Volvo for delhi  from Alambagh Bus stand. We never had any idea of how interesting that bus ride could be. One of the co-passengers was loudly telling the fellow passengers  about how the Bus staff and the aid stole his laptop the last time he was travelling in the Volvo bus of same kind. Although his intentions seemed to be good but he was loud enough to be heard by the Conductors and other staff. His serious but amusing non sense was making the day of every passenger. He was unknowingly funny.

So we reached Delhi. After so many phone calls to the organizer , finally we found the hotel where our rooms were booked ” The Express 66″ . I Don’t how someone can come up with such a name for any hotel. A Full length bus was arranged for us just to take us to the tournament venue. We never felt so honoured !! .But to our fate that happened to be a “Khatara Bus”

THe khatara bus that was arranged for us

The khatara bus took us to the venue “The Common wealth games stadium in the university”. Yes, that was the venue for our Table Tennis tournament All were happy to enter the stadium entrance. but soon that joy keep coming down to the ground level as we saw the real venue inside where actually the matches were supposed to take place. Although not meeting the expectations, but was good enough for us as we never saw such a good flooring and lighting.

That’s me , Rachit and Saini doing a “Ring”

We had our First match with IMT Ghaziabad. I was looking for the player “Veera” who came to our sports tournament at IIM Lucknow.He was the one i was thinking could create a problem in winning our first match and send us back to Lucknow . But to our fortunate , he didn’t come for the tounament. So we easily won the match. Found no hurdle in making that a 3-0 Win.

Here are some of the shots

Saini…. playing his epic back hand shot!!
Saini.. after the shot went wrong!!
Yeah … I know .. U can’t see me !!

and that was the end of the day we got tired of playing too much of T.T. so we decided to give some tips to our fellow team mates who were ready for the cricket match against MDI Gurgaon ,there in the Ramjas Cricket Ground.

Our Cricket team really needed it from Neeraj saini

The “anokha Cut “