I WaNt To

I have always wanted/decided to do the following things in my life …in other words you can say these are my ultimate goal which i have decided to do before i go to heaven 🙂

1)First of all i’ve decided to be HAPPY;doesn’t matter if have resources(Money) or not

2)Then i have decided not to get married because that would take all of my liberty of doing anything which i have planned to.

3)I want to go to Antarctica..yeah Antarctica.. although it has nothing to see there except ice and penguins but has one thing that is not found anywhere: PEACE

4)I want to have a super bike and want to ride it on the long roads of Texas..with almost at the speed of 150 kmph and that is i think my limit can be too.

5)The best thing i would love to do is to visit the whole of the india (incredible india) and i m proud that i born in India

6)I want to remain with my cool friends until the last day of my life.

7) I want to jump from the tallest building (the twin towers for example) wid arms wide open and without any parachutes….but i don’t want to hit the ground because i m afraid

8)I want to spend my old age on a lonely beach with yellow sands and light blue colour of the sea water .

9)And last but not the least i want to have the purest form of love from everyone whom i care for


7 thoughts on “I WaNt To

  1. hahaha what if you find a wife who wants to do all of those things too?
    anyway, i want to travel all over india someday too. i’m working on a plan to do it. my ancestors all came from india but i’ve never been there. i know they came from a small town close to lucknow but that’s all i know.
    all the best at crossing these things off your list!

    • I’ll ask that girl to marry me at the instant i meet her … that would be like a god sent girl for me . 🙂
      Ya of course.. you should plan to come India .. it’s like the whole of the world at the same place in one country.
      hey even, i am studying in Lucknow these days. Let me know if you are coming to LKO

    • Thanks yulia .. its always been a pleasure when you see someone else write something good about your region/country. I just wish you get the chance of visiting India again and do come to Himalayas this time . it has more lot to offer to you . Till then keep travelling and writing.
      Yeah sure .. i’ll write about Antartica.. when i go there !!

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