AaMiR ThE “aVaTaR”

Aamir is a kind of a revolutionary who desperately wants India changed (transformed).And he has been executing his work not less effectively than either Mahatma Gandhi or legendary Bhagat singh. In RDB, he inspired youth not to complain but to take necessary actions. Again in lagaan he proved the famous saying “where there is will there is way”.That movie was also a fine example of “unity in diversity” which the people of our country really need to realize the importance of. An act of responsibility and courage is what we see in ACP ajay rathore (aamir in sarfarosh) despite having such a common Indian family background. Well, that’s not over he came up again with 3 idiots( based on FPS ,chetan bhagat) with an appealing message to the Education ministry. Every year we see thousand of suicides being committed by students either in engineering colleges or those who are facing board exam.That undue pressure on them should be removed by introducing some new practical approach for study/knowledge instead of “Marks driven” degree or a job.
Well aamir is like the one who has taken a avatar for us. He is carrying out some stupendous role in his life which i think a politician like sachin pilot or rahul gandhi should have been doing.A shame on them.But truly speaking, India badly need some more avatars like aamir who at least can inspire others in order to think of “India being a superpower” in 2020.

Aamir khan