Sunday after noon  i got message from my cousin that It’s V3S (Nirman vihar)  where we will be  hanging out. It was like we already forgot to take our breakfast and lunch ! !.how can one forget his ? Well that was because  me and Arun were busy in their own dreams. So  i was really excited and eager to know what many delights comes to my plate.

It was my cousin shikha who was throwing party for her new job. Congrats again dear!. So without waiting much, we headed straightforward to Chachaji’s  food court. As there were hell lot of varieties of dishes (some of them, i think,  i haven’t heard the name of), so we asked our younger cutie shilpi and her friend Nuzhat(if i m not wrong) to choose from the long list of spicy junk. After all they were the regular customer of chachaji’s.

We started off with a bulky and too much spicy pizza whose name i forgot.but by the time i finished my first piece , i found that everyone was wiping their mouth with the tissue paper. I still think they had 2 pieces each .  I didn’t know everyone was hungry too .  My bad luck!!Next was the turn of tangier Bhalla papdi and Bhelpuri. secret: Bhelpuri is my all time favourite. But this time i enjoyed bhalla papdi too , so thickly filled with Dahi and green chatni .. it just slurp your mouth full of pleasant taste.


Tangy Mouth watering Bhel puri

Then we ate veg. chowmein, ,veg kabab, mushroom masala, drank coke. It’s not like that i haven’t eaten any of these things earlier,but being with the dearest ones made them tastier even more.Believe me,none of the things gave me so pleasure but a spoon cat fight over chowmein between them is what made my day. I was really so happy watching them.came up with non visible tears too[:)]

In the end, farmaish aayi ki kuch meetha toh banta hai … so we(although not really we ) decided to have Chocolate kulfi.No need to describe that.So we came to an end of the most delicious lunch i  ever had. I dropped my cousins. But………………

That was not the end of the day …..

I asked my friend abhinandan ( kalia)  to join us ( me and Arun ) at the Famous Karim’s in chandni chowk.I actually planned this a day or two before but couldn’t make it happened that day. And how i got that plan? Thanks to NDTV Good times’  Highway on my plate. We all met at Chawri bajaar metro station.And let me tell u.. this was the first time ever in my life that i forgot the way  to Karim’s which i knew.

The Karim's

Nevertheless ,we somehow reached there. On the Gali Kababiyan, we noticed there was not a pixel to put our foot on.People were moving in lines just to avoid the chaos.At least 10 persons per sq.m On that 4 0r 5 m broad road rickshaw pullers, scooters and rediwaalas,people holding there goats  were also managing to  move an inch every time they get chance.  All in one place !. We could not even see the signboard of Karim’s although it is 4th  shop from the start of gali  At the entrance i immediately knew that we might need to wait for half an hour or so. Karim was Over House-full ! ! Finally after 40 mins or something our turn came to at least sit on the table. While we were standing in the row, we noticed that there on the menu list was an item whose rate was more than  that what my father had given to me while i was boarding the train for Delhi.Only Rs. 4800/- Tandoori bakra. Order before 24 hrs.

We decided to order  Mutton Stew…..Chicken Jahangiri…..seekh kabab along with coke.Stupendous curry with a different taste altogether. and some veggies for Arun sharma( a surname totally uncommon at such places)

chicken jahangiri

And at last after that delicious dinner we headed for the famous paan at Prince paan center in daryaganj . We asked several shop owners where exactly is this prince paan waala . None of them even knew the name. We even asked a sardar whose  shop was actually in front of theirs( we found that later), even he denied their existence in there. But sachche raahgiro ko apni manjil khud-ba-khud mil hi jaati hai. And there was this “Prince Paan Center”

And let me tell u , these people have invented so many new different varieties of paan one couldn’t think of with a amazing  tag line for each of them

Zero tension paan – jeevan ki tension bhagaye

paan sona chandi kesar -jaisa naam waisa kaam

chuski paan – barf se jyaaada thanda

smile pan – muskurate raho

Prince paan waala

we tried zero tension paan …awesome in taste ….and asked them to pack pineapple chocolate and butterscotch.we could not get out of the hang of the tasty and delicious delight of the day . I know it has been a start . Delhi has some more for me in the lot. To be continued …….



If you are in delhi and you haven’t given a visit to Chandni chowk then it can be said that your trip was useless.The Best part-The typical Indian -can be found only at CC.The thing which we always say about india that India is Secular,democratic,social,and prosperous,religious,Yes all of these words make their meaning in Delhi-6 only.

A view of lal qila
A view of lal qila
Nai Sarak
Nai Sarak

Lots of people, lots of colours,lots of variety of foods,every kind of temple,every kind of taste,every kind of mind,every kind of fashion.Those narrow alleys with every kind of vehicle being parked in there and still children playing gully cricket in that congested area with dreams of becoming sachin Tendulkar.

Sheesh Ganj Gurdwara
Sheesh Ganj Gurdwara

we have  mighty RedFort and jama masjid(the biggest in  indian subcontinent, i think)showing their esteemed presence from every corner and then  Sheesh ganj standing tall at the chowk.And you never know what could be there for you in the electronics market.When you come to Nai Sarak ,the all time crowd makes it the Busiest Sarak i think with any kind of books and sarees.

and when it comes to  food ,you just name it  you’ll get it.Be it  south indian to North ,chinese to junk food .Non-Vegetarian can have a real delight here at Al karim ,the finest in its mutton recipes in whole delhi.

Special Thaali
Special Thaali

What I think of Chandni chowk is that it is the place which can truly depict the Real india an its people.Beacauseits not only the place …but the people and their behaviour toward each other that makes the heart of delhi.Different religions but still the one Chandni chowk …yes that is Delhi-6