I was watching a documentary “India Untouched(2007, Directed by Stalin K.)” some days back which was about how untouchability is still prevalent in the Indian society even almost after 60 years of independence.The video is a collection of the responses of the so called higher class, the lower class ,the villagers, priests, the educated and the illiterate, the women, the kids, the primary school teachers and so on. It spanned out whole of the India and thereby disproving the fact that the ill practice is done in only some parts of the country.

Some Benarasi Priest still holds the view that the Shudras can’t have the right to be equal to upper classes for which he gave the analogy that the foot can never be considered as important as the brain

Dalits ,being afraid of beaten up , don’t raise their voices or even take the help of constitution , and so ask their children to be distant from the temple

A primary school teacher in a village ask the Ravidasiyas( dalits) students to sit at the end of the class room( away from the Rawats ) and not to disturb the class(ask doubt) while he is teaching.

This may be understood from the very idea that these people are ignorant of the realities and have been fooled by the religious leaders and priests for the ages. But what is disturbing is tha fact that even the educated holds the similar views about untouchability

When asked a Educated girl ” Do you practice untouchability??” She suddenly said “NO”

But when she was asked “Would you marry a boy from a caste which is lower than yours or may be the one who is a Dalit ” She was standing quite.Unrepsonsive.

It felt so disturbing to me that the our education system has never included any course which could tell the fundamental and logical evolution of society and thus has been proving a failure in breaking the walls of discrimination we people have been practicing since the times almost all of us were illiterate.There should have been a change in our ill practices with the amount of progress we are making in other fields of technology, laws, health, growth of the country.I know only education can provide the solution but this has to be done


AaMiR ThE “aVaTaR”

Aamir is a kind of a revolutionary who desperately wants India changed (transformed).And he has been executing his work not less effectively than either Mahatma Gandhi or legendary Bhagat singh. In RDB, he inspired youth not to complain but to take necessary actions. Again in lagaan he proved the famous saying “where there is will there is way”.That movie was also a fine example of “unity in diversity” which the people of our country really need to realize the importance of. An act of responsibility and courage is what we see in ACP ajay rathore (aamir in sarfarosh) despite having such a common Indian family background. Well, that’s not over he came up again with 3 idiots( based on FPS ,chetan bhagat) with an appealing message to the Education ministry. Every year we see thousand of suicides being committed by students either in engineering colleges or those who are facing board exam.That undue pressure on them should be removed by introducing some new practical approach for study/knowledge instead of “Marks driven” degree or a job.
Well aamir is like the one who has taken a avatar for us. He is carrying out some stupendous role in his life which i think a politician like sachin pilot or rahul gandhi should have been doing.A shame on them.But truly speaking, India badly need some more avatars like aamir who at least can inspire others in order to think of “India being a superpower” in 2020.

Aamir khan

ThE HaMaRi KiSmAt

God and indian education system have always been generous to the student who passed their senior secondary in 2006. They have been giving us “surprise” gift each year as we get older. I don’t think anyone would have received so much of gifts like those and that too almost every year.

Starting from 10th class, we, who always relied one previous year question paper, guess papers, in our earlier classes, never knew that¬† when we would come in our senior secondary, god will use so many heads to throw his gift upon. He changed the f**king syllabus. I don’t know why he did that, may be he wanted us to be different from others. OK leave that.¬† We somehow managed to get through. and got to realize our talent to face the surprisingly new condition at high time.

our next “AGNI-PARIKSHA” came when we were deciding our future.Government of india decided to give chance for IIT and aieee asspirants to sit only two times in their whole life.We who somehow faced the 10th class tragedy, now seemed to have been restricted our right to go into iit or a good college. Students from bihar, U.P. and M.P. who doesn’t have good academic background due to weak rural education or money needs to go for some preparation at least two years to come up to that level in order to get into IITs.

But Arjun singh wasn’t satisfied with what had been given. He decided to give some more. But sadly it was too much for some talented who were overwhelmed and couldn’t bear to accept the gift of Rservation to OBCs and that too upto 27%. we protested hard ,but they already put on the headphones with a hard metal rock.All went in vain.We wept, we crept, but our feelings were not given respect.

i think god has done so much for us that i don’t think any one would like to ask for some thing more from him.God you are really great.

protest against reservation
protest against reservation