Experienced Vs Entrepreneur

Though the title of the post should have been Experienced vs Fresher as is mostly seen by the people but i am sure i am gonna do the justice by calling fresher as the entrepreneur and sufficiently prove how is it exactly opposite and so befitting the inexperienced person.

So most of us have faced a situation in our life when we were juvenile and had lots of energy to do so much in our life. Me, you, our dad, their dad and all the upcoming  generation has or will be going through this phase.That is a very particular age somewhere around when you between 18- 26 years and build upon so many ideas and execution plan at that time. I  remember my days when i was sitting at Tilak ka dhaba at the second gate of our college along with some close friends where we came up with some idea over few cups of Tea. I still remember there was nothing wrong with the idea except one thing which was said to be impossible based upon someone’s dad’s  previous bad experience in executing it . So what happened next,  we immediately shut the door!

Second is the case, where my father was advising me upon what career direction i should head to.  and that’s quite normal in India. Infact more than being a common household spoon feeding. Thy want to see the kid going in a direction demanded by their values, demanded by the society around them, demanded by the reputation it would bring, and demanded by god knows what they call it “The experience”. I must say if it is for things other than experience, you can actually come to a negotiation with them at a mid way point, after all they have would have some impact on them depending on what you choose since we still live in India society which is closely knit. What i would protest is the enforcing up of their Experience on us. Time has changed, Environment has changed, parameters of success have changed, A lot has changed! Sorry Dad! you are and will be my hero ! forever for sure , but You need to trust you own kid , trust in his potential, trust in his Idea, Trust in his capabilities, afterall don’t you want to be seen  yourself as standing proud. Trust and belief is all I would like to seek from you, If it is about life I would like to have my own experience my own decisions, so that  like you,   I also come to know that a life hard won is “The Life”.

ImageOn the other side, when not talking about the word “experience” we have a young person full of thoughts, imagination, ready to shake the world, immense enthusiasm,Full of desires but with only one thing lagging … A little dare to take the little step to make it big. All our energy comes to a big full stop at that silly point. And that point is again marked by the experience of so many people who failed to go past the Race line overcoming the fear within themselves. Few of the reason could be that they were low on self confidence, or insufficient knowledge, or whatever may it be, they finally decided to chose the easier way and named the phenomenon as the Experience which said that things usually don’t happen so easily as you think so. We agree, Things usually do not happen the way we think it should be and that’s where we need to be creative, we need to be problem solver, a troubleshooter to make things work, to realize the alternative options we once thought of , to implement our ideas, to finally see our dream come true.

Though it takes a moment to sit after getting failed and calling it an experience for the remaining life when you can actually stand up again and find an alternative way to move forward and develop toward your ambition past the fear of failure, because in that case again you know there would be another hidden way out. That is what i would like to call a life which goes on and you ride on it being an Entrepreneur of your dreams .

A fresher is a guy who doesn’t know what doesn’t work. He has plans which he hasn’t tried implementing. if he goes with it and fails in it he would probably seem to have gain an experience . Now it depends upon him if he wants to sit back and calling it an experience that nothing can actually work, or the other way where he rises again and appropriately put effort to find if there is a shining light at any of the corner of the deep cave.He might be called foolish to even go try and waste so much of energy but again these word would come from those who dont want to achieve any big from their life or are satisfied with what they have.

All i would say is that you’ve got to Experience the Entrepreneur in you ! it can make you what you always though of your life !


Music, Running and Happiness

I am happy these days. Enjoying every moment. If i Put it better, i am able to see the beauty in everything i see and feel. And this is not because i am doing great at my studies, or made a girl friend but because i found a few different things altogether.

It was when i went to Goa last year to attend the Famous Music Festival “Sunburn” held annually just before the New year eve that i learned that there is some thing deeper about music. May be that’s why lots of people aren’t there simply for fun and party. Some of them, mostly foreigners i guess were there to be lost in the trust they had in the music of trance. We could see them dancing the whole day and night and that too alone. Looked like they were in parallel universe. I was first introduced to this particular genre of music there only. I got fascinated by it almost suddenly. May be because i was seeing others dancing madly to it or because i was really feeling it. Whatever  is the reason but when i went back to my place i searched a whole lot of info and downloaded a plethora of Electro, Trance, and house songs. Now if someone ask me what songs do I have in my mp3 player, they are disappointed to see a whole list of Psychedelic and  Electro stuff. But to me, this particular genre has taken me to a different level ,it has ignited a spot in my mind where i feel so much energetic, Enthusiastic, and strong within. If not saying too much , at least it lets me Break Free.

@ Curlie’s , Anjuna Beach, Goa

Another thing which is subsequent to my listening of music is that i have brought up a healthy habit of running. Running is one such thing which is giving me ultimate pleasure these days.The moment when you are tired after running 5-6 miles and you are thinking nothing but just putting one step after another is the same feeling, i guess, comes when we meditate and are in a deep corner of the Dhyan. Running is not actually a thing to be practice daily, it’s more of a thing to be felt. As Helen Keller said” The Best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” The experience of bliss while running is one of them.

I feel i am addicted to it now . The Music and the Running. 

and when one does something which makes one happy, one does not necessarily sit to dissect the source of happiness. There is no need. I feel great every time i finish a run and that is reason enough to go out again the next day and the next. Same is with the kind of music i am listening these days.

courtesy Nikhil shanker

A Morning

Dj - Sesto Sento (2)
Dj – Sesto Sento (2) (Photo credit: Beto Vilela)

Over the last few days i have been trying to get myself into a habit of running daily in the morning before the sun actually rise. And not to my amazement, I have been doing it pretty good.But  today, the fifth day it was an another day. A misty morning with breezing drizzle. The perfect day to Run. I loaded few Techno songs most of which were Astral Projection, Sesto Sento in my phone ( I got no ipod 😦 ). I believe they make a perfect running songs. But While i was running and have been tired a bit i was remembering the quote from Dean karnazes (A Badwater Ultramarthon Runner in death valley)

“All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and you are doing it.”

So much inspiring were the above lines for me that i did the impossible a possible today. Earlier, i used to stop where i think my body can’t support running anymore. Now but with a headphones over my ears and the right music playing at the moment i ran the race “needed in my life”. A long lost passion inside me today came out looking from a distance up in the sky and smiling that i could sense it again. I could see it.

So when i was heading back to my room in my hostel i don’t know why but my legs pulled me to the top of the building at the terrace. May be they just wanted me to show me something more. And there i was standing at the top  just under the dripping clouds, a cool swift wind blowing past my hairs. I found out i was smiling for no reason. I saw the water tank which was rising up and reaching even higher.I Pulled up my sleeves , tightened up my shoes laces and starting climbing up the wall. A few jumps over the walls and then there i  was standing at the top of it.

When I saw around I felt i need to sit there atleast for one or more hour. The kind of scenery i was looking at was the one i cherished  for quite a sometime. The heavy clouds all over the horizon  encircling the huge surrounding covered by green Trees freshened by the morning rains was the perfect scene i was looking at. And above all the post rock music from the band sleepmakeswaves was embracing the whole mentally me. It was the moment that was buried deep inside me and it has come to me after such a long time .All I could feel I was really living the me I ever wanted to be. I wish mornings of this type should come again and again which keep pushing me to realize the inner me

Misty rain in the morning

StoP SwiMMinG

The other day someone asked me the purpose of life, context being that we were asked to write the statement of purpose for our summer placements through IIM L. I donno how much did i think towards writing SOP at that very particular moment, but as usual i again devoted my whole night pondering over that unanswered and irritating question.The analogy which grabbed my mind was that of me swimming  in a huge ocean in the middle of nowhere, not getting anywhere, founding no one in sight, lost, tired but fighting hard to survive till death,standing the high waves in the ocean of turmoil. The only question comes in mind: ” How long… how long do i need to continue kicking my hand and legs … until death?? Because i m sure no one is there to help us, everybody is busy in getting him out of this endless horizon … to go no where , so it doesn’t matter to anyone including those whom do you think are there for you … they are just false hopes..to let you forget the grave situation you are in. This is your punishment , don’t consider it that you are fortunate enough to see the beautiful earth

Since you can’t get out of it. Stop Swimming !! It may sound unpleasant but its better than the worst you are facing.

A Race in which there is no winner

Note: it’s just the thought that ran through my mind. I personally don’t advice anyone to follow the post.


An all time  biggest question for me and i think for everyone else also.Not, how does it work?A complication in itself.But why ? why we are here ? Absolutely and frankly speaking i am greatly confused when i think about this. But after a long discussion with my friends i always come to conclusion that it’s answer cannot be found rather we need to accept it. It’s like this only and we are just required to move on and need not to apply our gifted mind here .

We, as a human, are not someone different ,but a sub part of the mighty nature ,have to accept the fact that we are not mightier than anything else. It’s always when i am high this thing always pin point me. I feel i know nothing, if i don’t know my reason to be here.But suppose if i explore it some day how …………then wouldn’t I be a God? ….and that’s what god left for himself (if he exist).

GeT DrUnK …4GeT FeAr

Its like, I have tested many a times on myself and seen others too, that if you have put 2 bottles of beer inside your belly……you feel like a superman, He-man , batman sometimes and even spiderman if you could make it to 5.

Getting drunk according to me is someother way of living the same old boring life which is otherwise  inhabited by some degree of fear in almost every walk of our life. Hanging high lets you forget that particular fear out of your free mind. Which means you can do any act ….freely….. bringing out of you a new lion.You can ask your favourite girl…doesn’t matter you have always got a negative in there , cause you are so shy !!!!  You can take stand and speak on any topic which you only think you know the spelling of  despite having several dumbstrucks in group discussions.

And let me tell you if you think you are really a bad dancer and everyone will laugh at you when you come to the dance floor, That feeling can be made to lost if you want it …how’s that ….the same answer.

one of the most positive side of it is that it allows you to think freely, logically and reasonably which could otherwise  is not possible because of society fear,community thinking and complex  thinking of today’s highly advanced generation

Getting drunk gives you a very good opportunity to try yourself out, to measure yourself. It lets you see your inside. What you really are and what you really can .

Note:I personally don’t recommend you to start drinking but i advise you to try this at least once . May be you get a better ingsight  to your life.