Lord Huron, Irani Chai and Hyderabad

There has been so much happening in my life lately, and i am just acting as a stupid lazy ass not to write it down timely. And thus  getting them out of memory as they are passing away with time.

So this was just one day .. i was  thinking to jot  it down immediately when i get some new , all together different feeling, or amazing  kind of experience.

When i came to Hyderabad from lucknow, all i was thinking was about the special Biryani which i knew differs from the already tasted lucknow’s wahid biryani , of which i had been a fan of for the last two years. Even the waiter at wahid knew , what would i take , whenever i reach there and sat down on the second table on the left. But, No !! it’s not about the biryani i am going to talk .  I have already devoted a special space for it in my earlier blog. This particular affection is for three things i am going crazy about theses days which are trying to grab my mind out of everything which can try to pull me up . Okay, you guessed it right from the Title of this post. But let me explain how that can amaze  you too !!

English: Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
English: Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Huron: Of Lately, one of the finest band from U.S. that i have listen to . When i listen to them , i can shamelessly say that i don’t understand the accent in which way they sing but i can surely feel the vibes. The jingling , the musical note, the freshness in vocals  all make you so happy and energizing  that you could actually be dancing to their tunes. Below is one of their song from album lonesome dreams. I am sure you will get it what i’ve been feeling all these days thorugh listening them.

Irani Chai : An INR 10 delight in any neighbourhood restaurant in Hyderabad. So perfectly cooked, perfectly added sugar, an apt amount of milk in it and some special ingredients which i have been trying to still figure out in my own way by asking the tea  maker at these restaurants. All i know is that i have got addicted to it right from the first day i have it when i landed in secunderabad early in the morning and had a sip of it with osmania Biscuit. My friend, recommends me to go to Nimrah cafe  at charminar which he says serves the best Irani Chai in the old city. I am just waiting for the time to let me go there once . I am dying to take a sip of it!

Irani Chai
Irani Chai


and finally Hyderabad : Hyderabad is some place which i suppose can take the place of Lucknow if i get a chance to solo travel it. It’s a city bustling with all the ingredient i ever liked. A perfect blend of food, places to go around, and highly rich culture. A thing which is highly turning me on is the use of Hindi language by the Hyderabadi People. Everytime i hear a Hyderabadi person speaking Hindi, i just learn that he should be innocent. A distorted grammar in own peculiar way is something creates an amazing thing to listen to.