OcToPuS BaBa….

India launched PSLV with 5 satellites  on board ( A set of four satellites including Studsat built by students of seven engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Alsat from Algeria, two nano satellites from Canada and Switzerland, and a pico (very small) satellite called Oceansat 2 accompanied Cartosat 2 on its trip to orbit)that’s really a moment of great pride for Indians.

PSLV being Launched

and on the other hand…..

Germans who are still considered to be the best in their research and technology are believing in astonishment towards an eight legged octopus who must have never ever imagined how a football looks like. I mean what has happened to Germans. Are they the same who once were going to defeat the whole world with their most advanced war machines and  fighter planes.

How could they do something like we Indian liked to do for several ages which resulted in nothing but quite a huge plethora of ignorant and illiterate citizens. And not only Germans… it seems whole world is following octopus Paul.  Com’on yaar it’s bull shit.And stupid  Indian news channels will continue to show rubbish talks and discussion on Paul . Thanks to INDIA TV who produced Indian answer to Paul. Parakeet  the parrot predicted Netherlands as the winner against Paul’s  Spain.

Octopus Paul Deciding fate....

Its really disgusting to see humans looking at animals to know their fortune.At least for human”s sake we must understand that doing such thing is an act of showing or  letting in a feeling of disbelief in ourselves. And for sure ,if the human race has to develop or  to find a solution to their emerging global problems, these notions of oracle-ism and fortune telling has to be stopped. I am happy on the side that there are increasing number of literates  in India although slowly but continuously who are shedding away their petty thoughts on such beliefs  and leading their life with logical and reasonable thoughts.