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Hyderabadi Biryani

The journey started from Secunderabad Junction, the most cleanest, most hygienic, almost all the facilities, a station beyond comparison with all the other railway stations in India.Probably I was getting the good smell of Hyderabad. But outside when we came, we saw the typical Indian Roadshow( call it a fair). Buses, bullock carts, Auto rickshaw, Cows, Vendors, Pedestrians, Chai waala, kids, beggars all dance on the same 3.5 m wide road. Amazing, we indians are really Talented.

We booked an auto for Gachibowli, after having a big time negotiation with the driver. You won’t believe we almost thrashed him from Rs. 450 to Rs. 200. Less than Half !!. I am sure he didn’t know from which college we came from :). After an hour drive we reached at my brother’s place. That was a real moment of sigh. We felt relaxed  and got freshened after the 28 hours long sleeper class journey in train moving under the scorching sun of the central India vomiting cruel heat on us. Neither Lassi nor Cold drinks could help us save our lips from getting dry during the journey.

Anyways the First thing that was getting on my mind to do in Hyderabad was to check out the Biryani, which has been eating my mind since the time i got to know I am going to the city of Nizams. We almost had no idea how the Hyderabadi Biryani tastes like. Is it really different in taste what we used to have in Lucknow?

Suddenly on one fine day we planned to go to Golconda fort. Golconda is actually a ruined city 11 kms west of Hyderabad which was the ruling city of Ibrahim Qutub Quli shah. The city, Hyderabad came into being later on.We clicked some photos there. It is not a beautiful fort giving us a loads of birds eye view of the hyderabad city. We could almost see the horizon lined up with the expansion of the city buildings. For the pics click here

But then in the evening my foodie brother gave an idea to go to Bawarchi, a restaurant famous for mouthwatering and dreamy Biryani. It took us a whole more than an hour to reach there. but let me tell you it was really worth a wait … like a lost soul finding a shallow pond of water in famine hit region. I wanted to become a gluttony monster that day. But poor me, god gave me a small pot belly even smaller than the size of the bowl the biryani was brought in. I am sorry i could not click a photo of the “Dream-fish-dish” i was too busy in licking the plate, people  have already put better pics on google. I ate that quarter of heaven like tasted never before biryani almost without uttering a word. Oh Yes! I was living my “Hyderabadi Dream”.

Hyderabadi biryani


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  1. yeah, of course bro’ we sud hve told dat auto walla “Pta hai hm kha se aye hai..!!” .. den i’m sure uska yhi reply hta.. “Kya, IIm Lucknow…wow.. kha hai ye.. :-D”

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